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Grandfather Clock Restoration
  • Overview
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Grandfather Clocks

With a wooden case body, Grandfather clocks are freestanding and have a chime, pendulum and inner working mechanisms. Originally called long case clocks, grandfather clocks can stand over 6 feet tall. Above the clock face there is usually decorative carved woodwork.

Grandfather Clocks are highly appreciated for their beauty, character and craftsmanship. Traditional Grandfather Clocks can be of very high value and are often worth a considerable amount depending on the age and style.

  Grandfather Clock Honiton

Grandfather Clock History

The first Grandfather Clock was made by Christiaan Huygens in 1655. Shorter and slower pendulum swings were made possible through the invention of the anchor mechanism. Clock makers could then make taller freestanding versions which then became the Grandfather Clock.

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Types of Grandfather Clocks

There are two different types of Grandfather Clocks, one with an 8 day and 1 day movement. The 1 day clocks need to wound everyday as they have a single weight, however, 8-day clocks only need to be wound once a week as they have more than one weight. On modern Grandfather clocks there are three weights.

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Grandfather Clock Main

Grandfather Clocks need special care and it is vital that they are maintained, especially if the clock is antique. Always keep a grandfather clock on level ground. The function of the clock will be disrupted and the inner weights will not be aligned if the clock is not sat level.


Our Services

At Honiton Clock Clinic we can provide the following services:

  • Full Atmos Clock Repair & Replacement Parts
  • Full Atmos Clock Case Restoration and Refinishing
  • Atmos Dial Restoration
  • Full professional work guaranteed for 12 months
  • Courier Service

Courier Service

We also use a specialist Atmos and clock delivery and collection service provided by Penwick Courier Service. Penwick Courier Service realise the value of the clocks and will ensure that your clock will be delivered with care so you can trust that your clock will be in safe hands.

  Grandfather Clock Service
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