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Our workshops have been designed to allow our team of horologists to work to a traditional style, whilst making use of modern techniques.

We have four large workshops at the rear of the shop, allowing us to carry out all the various restoration work we offer on the premises.Each of our horologists have their own work station allowing them to give their full dedication and time to each individual customers clock, watch or barometer ensuring the customer that the works are carried out to the highest standards.

Antique Clock Restoration Honiton

Our team of cabinet restorers can restore casework to the highest standard whilst still retaining the antiquity of the cabinet.

We also have a machine shop full of modern technology. The Team takes pride in their work and that's why every clock and barometer is fully tested before it leaves the workshop.

Restoration of clocks from carriage to longcase is in our workshops a passion and a true living craft, which spans the centuries. We believe the restoration of a time-piece should be carried out with the longevity of the clock in mind.

From carriage clocks to grandfather clocks we work across Dorset, Somerset and Devon. We are happy to visit at no cost and you are welcome to call in at our shop workshops in Honiton.


Honiton Clock Clinic, 16 New Street, Honiton, Devon EX14 1EY. Tel: 01404 47466. E-mail: info@honitonclockclinic.co.uk
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